Careful Now!
Collective an art workshopping collective in Bristol, running free/affordable workshops in diy print making.

Make prints with purpose

At our workshops all art and designs are welcome, but we hope that people attending use the paint and paper to make prints and posters that remind us all to fight against injustice, look after our fellow beings, and be inspired by hope.


We mostly use stencils and lino. A combination of the two can be great, you get big punchy stenciled words and then detailed little characters, like this bee, from the lino stamp.We provide all materials needed: Card, knives (which we keep a close eye on), paints, paper, rollers, ink and so on.

Free you say?

We always try to keep our workshops accessible to everyone. Children are very welcome, (and often make the best designs).We have been generously funded before by Bricks Bristol and the People's Republic of Stokes Croft to accumulate materials, but a lot of workshops are funded out of our own pockets. Donations are very welcome.

How we operate

We are a loose collection of arty humans. We are in bands, running poetry slams, painting, coding, growing, campaigning and subvertising. So far, workshops have been run by Harriet, Henry, Kirkl, Rosa, Dan, ROn and Sophie.In our relatively short existence we've also organised clothes repair workshops and a feature film screening of Ken Loach's I'm Sorry We Missed You.

Want us to run a workshop?